Cricket is our passion and that is where The AB Sports Tours started. We’re cricket people through and through.

After touring to the Isle of Wight for more than 10 years as young cricketer ourselves we decided to give and share the experience with the wider cricketing community across the globe. Put that together with our experience and expertise at school cricket and cricket academy and we know you and your players will have a superb time with us. As well as our school clients, we also work with England Cricket, Minor counties and many of the English County Clubs.

Overseas cricket tours offer an opportunity to learn the game from a different perspective. Observe how your host destination plays the game, learn different variations of the game from 50 over matches to an explosive 20-20 format. We guarantee that you will go home with memories of playing cricket on the beach or on a hilltop and add to the credentials of your players by playing on world class pitches and possibly with some of the world’s greatest joining you for personalised training sessions.

If you are looking to arrange a small group tour overseas for your school, club cricket tours, or organisation based cricket tours, you will want to consider several key elements before you decide on your cricket tour and that is where The AB Sports can guide and help you like no one else in the market.

When you confirm your cricket tours, we will ensure that the opponent clubs that we choose can offer you fixtures against teams at the right level of play for your club or team in addition to training or practice sessions and you will also have an appropriate umpires and officials as and when needed.

We will also manage your travel times between locations. Most of our exotic destinations offer an amazing diversity from mountainous regions to beach retreats however it is important to note that whilst the distances appear short, the time taken to travel to each location can be deceptively long and we will manage it all for you – in our “all-inclusive, no hidden charge” price.

Choosing AB Sports as your preferred Tour Service partner will reward you well as our global team will handle all your travel plans and queries. Our local team with all the inside knowledge can provide you with a true value for money deal and guide you through the trip planning process in order to ensure that your Cricket tour becomes once in a lifetime experience that a foreign tour operator can never deliver.

Get in touch with us to organise your dream tour combined with your preferred dates, location and number of matches you would like to play.