India is a fascinating country, with a wealth of experiences available to all. India Tours offer an experience to a mystical land that presents the traveller with a mesmerizing array of unforgettable experiences.

Apart from its ancient spiritual framework, India’s vastness also challenges the imagination, being home to one sixth of the world’s population. There are a wide variety of activities to take part in, including visiting the iconic Taj Mahal, National Parks, and historic forts, riding elephants, joining enlightening city tours.

India has an astonishingly rich history, which has spawned a number of exquisite palaces, temples and monuments. The most frequently visited part of India is the Golden Triangle, comprised of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Meanwhile, the people-packed cities of Mumbai (Bombay) and Kolkata (Calcutta) have a bustling, colourful charm, while the holy city of Varanasi and the awe-inspiring temples of Tamil Nadu are rewarding places of pilgrimage. India with its expanse of land, varied climate, stunning beauty and world class facilities are able to cater to any sport that you desire. India is truly a multi-faceted sporting destination and be rest assured India tours will definitely leave you coming back for more.

In organising our school sports tours to India, we use only the best facilities and hotels to ensure high quality throughout your tour. Whilst our focus in India at the moment is cricket, we can also organise basketball, football, hockey and Basketball tours. Please Contact Us to discuss these opportunities.
The benefits of school sports tours to India include:

  • Culturally enlightening
  • Passionate about their sport
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Hospitable hosts
  • Local and Unique fun experience
  • Warm and tropical weather all year round

Choosing AB Sports as your preferred Tour Service partner will reward you well as our global team will handle all your travel plans and queries. Our local team with all the inside knowledge can provide you with a true value for money deal and guide you through the trip planning process in order to ensure that your tour of this ever enchanting country becomes once in a lifetime experience that a foreign tour operator can never deliver.

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